I'm a graphic designer focusing on branding, packaging and editorial design. ELISAVA 🇪🇸 and LUMS 🇬🇧 graduate with experience in design, marketing and brand strategy. Previously designer at ESIETE 🌴 studio, currently freelancing. Check out my Behance 👀 or say hello 👋

Selected works

Binned Art, branding and UX design for an online art outlet curating and selling original paintings at bargain prices. ⟶Binned Art

Piatra Roşie and Piatra Albã, packaging for a new label range, designed to reflect the blend of grapes through color fusion. ⟶Piatra Rosie & Piatra Alba

Il Passo Verde, packaging proposal designed to reflect the honest yet distinct approach to the biologic wine making process.Il Passo Verde

Alsace Wine Route, graphic design and typography project inspired by the traditional Alsatian wine labels. ⟶Alsace Wine Route

Triples, label design where the concept was inspired by the blend of three grape varieties.Triples

Sam Experiences, new brand identity for a company offering custom local experiences in Hong Kong. ⟶Sam Experiences

Moldova Wine Festival, identity designed to break traditional wine conventions. ⟶Moldova Wine Festival

Marqués de Cáceres, packaging design with the goal of setting the label apart from the core range.Marques de Caceres

The Cutting Edge, a digital print publication using Python to create a new magazine cover everyday. ⟶The Cutting Edge

Sketchbook, illustrations and editorial design for essays on art and the female body. ⟶Sketchbook

Tsantali, packaging design with a focus on regionality to align the label with the brand's heritage.Tsantali

Unsubscribe, protest poster raising awareness about data privacy in the digital age.Unsubscribe